The perfect microfilm reader.

This is the microfilm reader for the new generation. Fully digital. 16 & 35 mm. Positive or Negative. View on any screen. Capture and scan images.

What's so special about it?

16mm & 35mm, color or b&w.

You can run any film up to 35mm through the device, whether it is 16 & 35mm microfilm but also film rolls or photo rolls.

Advanced features.

Negative films? No problem. Click one button and the device inverts the colors. You can also rotate the image or mirror it. Plus you can sharpen up the text. Can’t do this with a classical viewer.

Automated roll advance.

You can go forward and back, slow or fast and all in just one click. It can even go frame-by-frame by itself even when the frames are of different size.

Just look at the thing.

Some actual real images.

These are images which were captured using the Klip View’s camera sensor.

The View. From every angle.

The specs.

Compatible Film 16mm & 35mm rolls, Microfiche & Aperture Cards, Single frames
Image enhancement features Increase contrast, brightness. Adjust Levels. Sharpen up text.
Additional functions Flip image (Horizontally & Vertically). Rotate image. Convert negative to positive.
Scan to USB Yes (Optional)
Device Dimensions 49 cm (Width), 50 cm (Depth), 44 cm (Height)
19 inch (Width), 20 inch (Depth), 17 inch (Height)
Device dimensions 50 x 50 x 46 cm